Dissertation writing: Assumptions and Boundaries


In assumptions, it will be made ​​a first inventory of what we think as find some answers. Assumptions are expected answers we will check.

Ie there must archaeological evidence for contemporary cities have been discovered nearby. It seems that there are traces of the characters since we find in chronic. There are similar stories all along the Atlantic coast, which attest is a common story or similar events.

Boundaries / restriction of the subject / determination of corpus

When we begin a study, you realize that a subject is still very large, the risk is never complete always want further explore the data that is discovered, and the second risk is also derive and finally treating another topic.

The delimitation of the subject can know where we stand in the field of knowledge, what disciplines we may appeal. Two advantages: better contain its exploration time to show the reader that there is a sufficient culture to get to install his work in relation to what already exists.

Determining the corpus is an essential step. It comes to choosing the works or objects lesquel (le) s have will work. In a comparative approach, the works that make sense and serve the demonstration, no need to take any one chooses.

In an analytical approach, the approach is similar.