Essay writing parts: Plan Development

The successful plan is certainly largely depend on the chosen topic, knowledge, and problematic implementation.

Therefore: “What is the heart of my argument? How many essential ideas I move forward?”

  • The timeline reveals the historical developments, hyphenation, ruptures. It is recommended for subjects that include extensive periods. It must then justify precisely cuts and dates that serve as terminals to your party (the “date – hinge” has value that you legitimizing the analysis).

  • The thematic level, or synthetic, enables you to emphasize the permanence, to highlight debates such continuity – change appearance or reality, a binary or ternary structure, an overall assessment.

    It is better suited to subjects “tables” and often slow to changes or systemic analysis.


  • The mixed semi- chronologically or thematically – timer gives the possibility of introducing a section on a balance sheet, a perspective or a presentation of the different interpretations of the area studied.


 Once the plan is adopted, you must articulate your essay around two or three balanced parts are subdivided into subparts. The ” classics ” are the three-part plan and the plan into two parts:

The 3x3x3 plan or map 09/03/27 (3 parts, subparts 9 and 27 ” sub- parts “) is sometimes seen as a heavy implement academic straitjacket. You can then opt for more flexibility with a plan in three parts, each comprising two sub- sections, and then two or three ” sub- parts “, depending on the material you have, and the method of treatment chosen.