The economy of the proofreading

In publishing houses, there are still outside readers – proofreading, controlled by editorial assistants. Paid to sign (10 euros 12 000 characters), they receive on average 1200 euros per month to correct the equivalent of 12 novels. The reader -corrector receives plain text. He must prepare the copy verify the consistency and make a proofreading, grammar and spelling. It occurs most often directly on the text, but on a paper copy of it, not on a file.

In many homes, there are more second passage proofreading, as was done before. Sometimes it happens. In which case, the second corrector working on tests with the aim of flushing out the latest inconsistencies and remove the shells. In homes where there are still two passages of proofreading, usually returns the same text to the same drive -corrector, which ensures continuity proofreading, while another look might be allowed to browse other errors.

Typo code has no equivalent for numériqueCe need to know is that they do not correct on file, but on paper. The main reason is that the taxonomy of proofreading (“typo code”) exists only written sign, but not the computer. Readers – correctors also rely on spelling and grammatical standards (including the difficulties of tenses): thus, it is quite consistent with Girodet Gallimard, whereas threshold is preferred Jouette.

The reader -corrector puts ten days to correct a book, according to the state of the manuscript (it often resolves several at the same time). Although often, it is a short work face to face with the author once its proposed to validate the most important with the author’s proofreadings. The passage of two reviewers was often more compelling because the author did say often twice the same remarks he then accepted more readily corrected. Of course, there are always books on which there is nothing to do, as was the case of three powerful women of Marie Ndiaye, but this is rare.

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